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The curatorship in an architecture exhibition occurs from the sympathy with certain types of

The curatorship in an architecture exhibition involves the sympathy of certain types of architecture that allegedly must be exposed according to their value. This generates antipathy and segregation before unrecognized typologies, impure, without architects, imperfect, incomplete, without plans, without photographs.


This Architecture Museum is not a museum but it is a void, a living and dynamic entity, which grows and produces its own content, pavilions, installations, talks, explorations and experiences that help to make visible the themes of architecture and city, starting from the empathy which recognizes that all the architectures are together. 


There must be precision and relevance in choosing the right tool to share architecture that will generate experiences, knowledge and eventually threats and challenges that point to the construction of thinking and new directions on how to look at architecture from new points of view.


Location: Mexico City, Mexico

National Competition (Finalists)

Collaboration: José Álvarez, Andrés Saenz

Year: 2019

More: Premio Félix Candela


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