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My passion for architecture stems from how it reacts to its context, and I like to challenge that through the use of colours, joy or simply bold design. I think that architecture should engage and subtly provoke; giving the user a chance to ponder and question.

Most importantly, I am committed to delivering this expression through an interdisciplinary approach with a strong focus on conceptual design, technical solutions and sustainability. I believe that to propose something unserious and playful, first you need to be serious and considered (and the same vice versa). My current interests are focused on the intersections between architecture, space and gender; especially as these are under-represented aesthetic values.


I hold a Bachelor of Architecture from Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico City and a Master of Science in Architecture from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, where I received an Honourable Mention for my thesis project titled ‘Cute Sthlm’. 

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