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Katya is located directly in St. Eriksplan. Inspired by the playful and childish aspects of cute. Katya is made of large blocky shapes that are arranged to form a new entrance to the metro. From the outside, each of Katya’s shapes form a clean, separate volume. They are rendered at different scales to highlight the different elements of Katya’s personality. Furthermore, oversized geometric apertures all in different colours and severely out of scale further detail each element.


Across the whole structure, Katya is clad in corrugated metal with a smooth finish. Her outward appearance is a reference that cute elements can come in many different shapes and sizes.

Katya playfully reinterprets a metro station entrance as a children’s toy sparking a sense of nostalgia amongst adults who lost touch with their childish side.

On the inside, Katya’s different elements merge together. This is due to the ambivalence of cute, that as a consequence, Katya’s traits blend into a continuous space that folds from the floor, to the walls, and to the ceiling. Katya’s interior is lined with white tiles, supported by green terrazzo flooring and skirting. She is a reminder that products designed for children can allow adults to return to their childhood and enjoy life as a playful process.


Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Instructor: Ulrika Karlsson, Cecilia Lundbäck

Programme: Masters Thesis

Year: 2021​


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