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This project seeks to rehabilitate an old military base in the city of Karosta, through the reuse of the space as a cultural center, generating a sense of community for its residents.

The concept of this project is defined by how the building adapts to the heights and geometries of its ground. It reinterprets the rhythm of Soviet Brutalism through the repetition of modular elements, massive forms, and exposed functions.

On the ground floor, the building responds to the pedestrian crossings used by the inhabitants to create a central square. The same idea is repeated on the upper floor looking to frame some specific sites in the context, making a constant reminder of its history.

Location: Karosta, Latvia

Instructor: Rodrigo Langarica, Fernando Velasco

Programme: Bachelor  Project

Collaboration: Pablo Ruiz, Diego Félix

Year: 2013

Karosta Cultural Center

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