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The project is a mixed use complex of 40,700 m2 approximately in the city of Ensenada, Baja California, México. The master plan has 3 apartment blocks with amenities, 2 vertical and 1 horizontal; a City Express hotel, a food market, a cooking school, a shopping center and a beach club.


It is the first development of this size in the city so we tried to make it as less invasive as possible by using local materials like recycled wood and bare rock from the site and pigmented concrete to resemble the colours around it.


The complex was developed in collaboration between 3 offices where Método Arquitectos was in charge of the 2 vertical apartment towers, with a total of 127 units.

Location: Ensenada, Mexico

Professional project at Método Arquitectos

Year: 2017

More: Viento Ensenada​


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