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While under construction of the building, the owner approached us to redesign the apartment's layout. We decided to move and tear down some walls to create new spaces that best fit with the needs of his growing family. 

In the living area, we set a new bar with a new wall that stops just short of the ceiling to give the space a lighter, open feeling. In addition, the new division allows the space to have a sectioned TV room. Made of wood, it has a flush cabinet that hides the TV when not in use and is complemented by shelving and a pantry made of black granite.

For the master bedroom, a custom-made wood headboard with integrated nightstands and minimalistic lights, give the room a contemporary look. To continue its sublime trimmings, the master bathroom is made with elegant white marble. Neutral fabrics in the furniture and some metal details complement the look of this apartment.


Location: Mexico City, México

Professional project at Método Arquitectos

Photos: Tatiana Mestre

Year: 2016

Apartment  G

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