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Acapulco is currently one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico. Through recreation activities and team sports, this project seeks to reduce violence and improve the community. 


The main idea is to give continuity to the recognizable public space. The street and its natural flows and connection used by inhabitants, are not impacted - allowing the space to be worked upon yet still accessible. It is important that in such spaces, inhabitants avoid feeling alienated from the purpose and are able to appreciate the project and feel as part of its context.


A repetition of modules rises from the floor, taking advantage of the topography, which gives the building a visual and physical connection. Furthermore it decreases the sense of fear that is caused by not having a good visibility over the space. Finally, the sports activities are polarized at both ends of the terrain generating an east-west axis making the user walk through the entire project.



Location: Acapulco, Mexico

Instructor: Alexandro Velazquez

Programme: Bachelor Thesis Project

Year: 2015

Acapulco Sports Center

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