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The project is located in Kristineberg, on the west coast of Sweden. It is part of one of the oldest marine research stations in the world. This project's goal is to improve and promote the social interaction and cooperation between researchers, visitors, staff and the local community, making Kristineberg into a more inclusive and energetic place. 


The chosen site is located in the center of Kristineberg, it responds to the disorderly arrangement of the existing buildings and virtually delimits the central plaza to pass through. The concept is a building buried in the site, respecting the empty condition of that green area before, discovering the unknown below us and taking benefit from the thermal qualities of earth, making a more sustainable building. Because of its introverted condition, it seeks to transport the user to a different place without leaving Kristineberg and keep the attention focused on the interior more than on the exterior to  promote social interaction.

Location: Kristineberg, Sweden

Instructor: Per Franson, Rodrigo Muro

Programme: Masters Project

Year: 2020

marine research centre

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