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The project explores the spatial power of the wall, capable of separating or relating two spaces; divide or delimit; create a private space within a public one. An orange and foreign volume that seems to float in the space receives the visitor while walking through the access terrace. Its vibrant color creates a contrast with the rest of the building and emphasizes its independent character to the showroom.


As you approach the volume, it begins to reveal its secrets and the way in which it articulates an interior and an exterior space. The bookcase becomes accessible at all sides, rather than stationary at the edge of a room. The interior is an almost private and personal space, protected by the select collection of books, immersed in an orange atmosphere, which stimulates creativity and transmits energy. 


Outside it becomes a curtain for a dynamic space where a series of platforms generate the area of ​​consultation, which by its own stepped nature allows different experiences of using space and reading. The result is a space that seeks to celebrate the book in a logical way, relating spatial and perceptive sensations with the act of exhibiting and reading.



​Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

National Competition

Year: 2019

library arca

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