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Our proposal turns the Spanish pavilion, guest of honour of the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2022, into a living dictionary that links words, languages and stories as a hypertext. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the walls of the venue reflect, as if they were the pages of a book that is written over the course of days, the ideas and debates shared during the fair.

Three capsules make up the main exhibition space, cherries, the auditoriums, and the workshop area are separated by trefoil skins that articulate the space and create places for meeting and recreation. The auditoriums’ skin is made by superimposing layers of ‘paper’. Inside the cherries, the layers of semi-transparent fabric help to immerse the visitors in a sea of literary quotes and colours. On the opposite corner,
surrounded by a winding bookshelf, the chill out area gives visitors a more relaxed and flexible way of reading, leaving aside the seriousness of traditional libraries.

Location: Madrid, Spain

Professional Project at Enorme Studio

Collaboration Vértice Estudio


Year: 2022

Museo del Traje

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